INCITE understands the importance of feeling safe and secure in your home. We design, install and commission innovative, user-friendly systems to ensure your home and family feel secure at all times. We can tailor your system to make it as sophisticated or as simple as you wish. Whether you need a system that is pet friendly, can be armed and disarmed at the touch of a button or controlled from your mobile phone, INCITE can provide a solution to meet your needs.

From installation, to service and maintenance, we provide a complete solution and continue to monitor, enhance and support your security needs. We guarantee complete piece of mind every time you leave your home.  

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Our Residential Security Services

Electronic Security

Security Systems help deter burglars from forcing entry into your home and safeguards your assets at all times. Installing a Security System may also reduce your insurance premiums. INCITE can tailor your Security System to make it as sophisticated or as simple as you wish. No home should be unprotected, and the best way to protect your property and belongings is to install a monitored Security System.

24hr Monitoring

Our Grade 1 Accredited Monitoring Control Room provides 24-hour monitoring of your Electronic Security System, keeping you informed and responds in seconds of any issues or occurrences at your home. For around $1 per day you can have an immediate professional response to your alarm activation. 24-hour monitoring of your system will detect burglary, fire and other threats to help ensure peace of mind.


CCTV is one of the most effective criminal deterrents on the market. Even if a crime does take place, you benefit by having video footage of the act. CCTV footage becomes evidence if someone needs to be prosecuted. CCTV Systems have other practical uses too such as giving you live video footage to monitor the safety of your children, an elderly person or your pets. These components become your eyes when you can’t be at home yourself.


An Intercom is a stand-alone communication and video tool. One of the primary benefits of Intercom Systems for home is the fact that they make it easier for those inside to screen visitors before opening your front entry door. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, INCITE can provide a quality and affordable solution.

Safety Devices

INCITE offers Personal Safety Devices that are specially designed for Seniors. Our Seniors pendants are an easy to use device designed to allow active seniors and people suffering from chronic health conditions to maintain their independence and lifestyle. With one push of a button the user will receive a prompt professional response 24/7, ensuring peace of mind for the user and their families.

Home Security

You can be rest assured knowing that our Team is standing by to assist with any issues that may arise, and provide regular maintenance to ensure your security system is operating effectively

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Our Residential Price Calculator can help you understand the likely budget for our quality security products & service. Choose the system you are interested in, what type of house you have and our calculator will give you an estimated price!

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Our Grade 1 Accredited Monitoring Control Room can provides 24-hour monitoring of your Security System, keeping you informed of any issues or occurrences at your premises. Alarm Monitoring is an integral part of our service, managing all customer security alarm notifications including:

When your property is monitored by INCITE we provide a FREE protected signage pack and priority service to breakdown repairs and maintenance. We can also provide a rapid-response Guard Service.